Time to celebrate!


The German common parlance advices, one should “celebrate the parties as they fall”. We explicitly consent to embrace every opportunity life offers. They mostly only come once.

How often are we around our family members? How many times do we meet our friends and relatives in our jam-packed daily lifes? When do we have time for each other, time to exchange thoughts on the past, present and future? It’s mostly the decadal birthdays, wedding anniversaries, religious events as baptisms, confirmation, communions or the similar, and also the memorial ceremonies.

Hotel Am Schloss Aurich is your lifelong partner, offering a room for any occasion in life, “living-rooms” so to say. In our beautiful, differently sized halls and parlours you find a place for lifetime spent together with your beloved.

  • Cosy and for up to 25 guests: Chimney Room and Noblemen’s Parlour
  • Traditional elegance: Tom Brook for up to 40 people
  • In a circle with your beloved: 360 Degrees for up to 60 guests
  • As historical as a life: Störtebeker-Hall for up to 250 people

High-quality food and service are a matter of course. Our great chefs will spoil you and your guests appropriate to the occasion – and by all the tricks in the book. We are specialists of traditional German and regional cuisine. But of course we master much more then that: International specialities, light, vegetarian or food suitable for allergics we gladly prepare what you wish to eat and are happy to assist you while making the decisions!

Our event manager is looking forward to making a personal appointment with you! Please call 0049 4941/95520, or write us an e-mail.

Room Options

Smaller framings


It does not always have to be the very big setting – a celebration in a smaller circle can also be appealing. The special emphasis is placed on intimacy and comfort. There are differently-sized room options availabe.

Chimney Room

Even if the flames are not real anymore nowadays, this Chimney Room is very cosy – and a great option for celebrations with 10-15 guests – with hollow square or u-shaped seating.

Noblemen’s Parlour

This parlour is also a familial favourite with hollow square or u-shaped seating. You are all amongst yourselfs – with full food and drinks service provided by us.

Tom Brook

Tom Brook is our traditional clubroom of serviceclubs, that of course is available to everybody. Seating options are various: hollow square, u-shaped or even casual individually-standing tables create an intimate but elegant setting.

Little Störtebeker-Hall

More then just the great hall’s smaller brother: The little Störtebeker-Hall is your choice for family-events with up to 35 people. U-shaped- or banquet tables for ten are possible seating options.

We recommend you make your choice on site! For appointments please call 0049 4941/95520, mail or use our contaktform.

A peice of history: Störtebeker-Hall


For elegant celebrations with a larger number of guests we highly recommend our great Störtebeker-Hall. It is especially attractive through it’s atmosphere of the older times. Not only because of the breathtakingly high ceilings and the beautiful stucco. The long windows flood the room with light from two sides, modern glass chandeliers make the cherry on the cake.

The seating options are multiple. For familial events round tables for each ten people are most appropriate. A stage, dancefloor, high-quality wooden floors, high tables, technical connections, airconditioning, … the hall is perfectly equipped for any kind of party. A beautiful decorative but also musical highlight is the Schimmel-piano.

Don’t hesitate to make your appointment to visit us! Please call 0049 4941/95520, mail or use our contaktform.

Under a starry nightsky: 360 Degrees


The former hotel swimming pool is nowadays one of Eastfrisia’s most modern event rooms: our 360 Degrees. You celebrate under a unique ‘sky full of stars’ – the cupola is designed as a starry sky and equipped with a brand-new LED-lighting system.

50 – 60 people find a comfortable seat at round tables. Wooden floors and airconditioning are part of the room’s properties. A special party highlight is the LED-lighted inroom-bar with bar stools.

We are looking forward to visiting the 360 Degrees with you!

Great Food


The big events in life we celebrate with the people we love most. And as we all know, the way to someone’s heart is through the stomach, good food is most impotant on these occasions. The Am Schloss-kitchen ist your trustworthy partner concerning delightful eating.

We are pleased to prepare multi-course meals for more then 10 people: If three or twelve courses is at your choice!

For more than 24 guests a big buffet can be a good option. From cold platters to soup, from different vegetable and satiating ingredients to hearty fish- and meat dishes, from sweets to cheeses – a buffets offers something good for everyone.

Food selection issues are a good thing to talk about with our event manager Julia Ammersilge. She is looking forward to receiving your call (0049 4941 955243) or e-mail!